Information collection and usage:

Apart from our continued effort & commitment to best serve our customers, CouponVilli’s privacy policy has been premeditated to ensure the trust when dealing with our partners and clients. The policy is designed to elucidate the ways we collect, put in use and protect your data and personal information.

At this moment ("Site" or "we", "our" or "us") is not collecting or storing any type of personal data or information but we are intended to do so in future to make available our newsletter directly on your e-mail address.


Web server Logs and Cookies:

CouponVilli also records web server logs and use cookies to gather information on how our website is being used by our customers. Web browsers trace cookies recorded by the websites you visited into your computer to personalize your web experience. You can also block these cookies anytime from your browser settings to disable the feature. These cookies and web logs give us some basic information e.g the time of visit, time a visitor stayed on our site, the pages he viewed and the website he visited just before and after our website.

Third Party Links:                   

The above mentioned policy is solely for CouponVilli include Links to other websites that may collect your data. We are by no means responsible for any third party privacy policies, practices & procedures; Information collection, security or content on those websites. If you have any questions or reservation related to those websites linked to couponvilli please approach them directly.